4 Reasons We're Excited About Today's Apple Watch Announcement

We've been patiently awaiting more details on the Apple Watch for months, and today, we're finally expecting some answers. In typical Apple fashion, the company has announced a special media event beginning at 10 a.m. PT cheekily titled "Spring Forward"—likely referencing Daylight Saving Time and the buzzed-about wearable announcement—where they're expecting to unveil a whole new batch of intel. Here are four things we can't wait to find out more about:

1. New features

We already know the watch will display news alerts, incoming texts and e-mails, contacts, calendar updates, and the time, but we have yet to know the specifics of its activity tracker functionality and other potential new features.

2. Release date

We heard back in January that the Apple Watch is slated to be released in April, but no exact date had been announced.

3. Pricing

The watch is set to start at $349, but no prices are currently available for the higher-end styles of the watch, including the Watch Edition (encased in 18-karat yellow gold or 18-karat rose gold), as well as the myriad accessories and add-ons.

4. App compatibilityAfter CEO Tim Cook's announcement, today's event is expected to include developers who will present apps they've created for the watch. While we don't know if these apps will be exclusive to the Apple Watch or just connected to iPhone apps, we're sure Cook will fill the stage with the best of the App Store.

Make sure to tune in to Apple's livestream of the announcement at apple.com/live, and prep yourself for an impending website crash.

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