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Though an inky noir pencil will always be a standard, our eyeliner wardrobe is no longer restricted to the darker end of the spectrum ever since we discovered the many transformative qualities of white liner. Take it from "The Boss" Diana Ross above—the unexpected hue can give your eyes an exaggerated, doe-like appearance, and can actually counteract redness when that bottle of Visine fails you mid-allergy season.

The uses of white eyeliner are extremely versatile, extending past the traditional method of tracing along your lashes, so we put together a list of ways your makeup routine can benefit from the new staple. Keep reading to find out the four genius methods you need to try, stat.

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Trace Your Waterline
As demonstrated by Ross back in the disco era, white liner can instantly make your eyes appear larger, more open, and more awake—even if last night's Netflix binge has you feeling the exact opposite. Simply grab Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Yeyo ($20; or an alabaster stylo of your choosing, and swipe the hue directly onto the inside of your lower lash line. Creamy textures work best for this method, and you'll want to apply the liner before mascara, as white flecks dotting your bottom set isn't a good look.

Blend On Your Inner Corners
If you have close-set eyes, a small amount of white liner on your inner corners is all you need to create some distance. Take a soft pencil like Stila's Smudge Stick in Alpine ($20;, and with a sponge or shadow brush, blend the color out until it isn't so intense.

Highlight Your Brow Bone
No well-groomed set of arches is complete without some well-placed illuminator to show off your handiwork, and with its matte finish, white eyeliner can easily be used to impart a natural-looking highlight. Turn the pencil on its side so that the point falls just underneath your natural brow, and follow its shape until you reach the tail. Smudge out the line until all harsh edges disappear, and if you need an extra hand, pick up a clean blending-brush to aid in distributing the product.

Repurpose as an Eyeshadow Base
Have you ever had one of those disappointing eye shadows that, no matter how much primer you layer on or how often you wet the pan, just won't show up? We hear you... Instead of using a neutral-based eye primer, spread a pencil like NYX's in Milk ($5; all over your lids, blend out with your finger or a brush, and press the powder shadow onto the top. The white pigments help to brighten the color and create a truer representation of what you see in the pan.