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We know the struggle all too well—in the midst of wedding and graduation season, regular appointments with your colorist have gone on the wayside, and when it comes to the dark or grey tones of your roots, the term "peeking through" would be an understatement. For those days you find yourself rocking an unintentional ombre effect, we put together a list of four genius ways to conceal your roots to buy you time between visits to the salon.

Rethink Your Part, and Add Texture

Fun fact: When you have some serious beach waves going on, people will be more likely to look at your covetable texture than your roots, and if you've been parting your hair in the same direction, the top area tends to take on a darker tint. On damp strands, use a tail comb like Sarah Potempa's ($25; to section your hair to the opposite side, then mist Alterna's Bamboo Beach Summer Ocean Waves ($22; through your mid-lengths and ends so your natural waves form. After your hair has air-dried, you can go back in with a small-barrel curling iron—we love Drybar's 3-Day Bender ($135;—to create extra movement.

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Pick Up a Root Concealer

Tinted root concealers like Rita Hazan's ($25 each; or Style Edit's ($20 each; for locations) are a quick fix that will last until the next time you lather up. Pick out a color closest to your own hue, then position the pinpoint applicator 2 to 3 inches from your roots, and spray. We recommend waiting until the product dries completely before running a brush through to blend the color.

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Spritz on Some Dry Shampoo

If a root concealer seems too messy for you, your tried-and-true dry shampoo can be used to blur those contrasting lines between your dye job and your natural hue. Tinted formulas, such as Batiste's Hint of Color ($9;, will give off a more uniform tone, but even translucent versions will tone down the appearance of dark roots. We love R + Co's Death Valley Dry Shampoo ($29; which is strong enough to absorb excess oil and pump up volume, without sacrificing a touchable, run-your-fingers-through texture.

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Grab a Root Touch-Up Kit

When all else fails, take the nice and easy route—as in, Clairol's Nice 'n Easy Root Touch Up Kit ($6; Available in over 20 tones that span the entire hair spectrum (redheads included), the color blends seamlessly with the rest of your strands, and takes only 10 minutes to complete. "The formula is slightly more transparent than regular dye, so you can apply it just to the new growth, and the touch-up color won't look obvious," says L.A. colorist Rona O'Connor. "It can buy you at least two weeks."