Up to 30% Off Perfect Party Clothes!

cyber sale week - shopbop - kitson

Our week of designer discounts comes to an end today and as a parting gift, we're getting you ready for the weekend! Shop the season's best jumpsuits from Shopbop.com (far left) and all the sexy accessories on offer from Kitson (near left, top and bottom) at prices up to 30% off!

Here are the offer codes, valid today only from 12:00-2:00 EST (note Shopbop.com's exception):
20 percent off all full-priced jumpsuits on Shopbop.com: (code no longer valid)
30 percent off everything on Shopkitson.com: (code no longer valid)
20 percent off everything on Shoptheskinny.com: (code no longer valid)

UPDATE: Sorry friends, this flash sale has ended! Check out our Gift Guide now for discounts on over 100 gifts!

Joyann King

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