Blowout Tools LEAD
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Fact: A good blowout is beneficial for your soul. While nothing beats the in-salon treatment, the effect is easy enough to recreate at home but can be pretty time-consuming, especially if you aren't skilled in juggling a round brush with a dryer. When you have a date or night out with your girls scheduled in an hour, but can't commit to fussing over the entire routine, consider the versatility of the other hair tools in your arsenal. Items like your favorite straightener or a large-barrel curling iron can mimic the technique with the right motions of the wrist, so we rounded up three easy ways to fake that salon effect when time is of the essence, or you're not exactly eager to get a full-on arm workout.

With a Large-Barrel Curling Iron

Pick up an iron with a 2-inch barrel, like this Hot Tools version ($40;, and pull your lengths through with the clamp down to smooth out your layers. When you reach the ends, wind each area in varied directions to form a loose curl to mimic the handiwork of your hairstylist.

With a Rotating Flat Iron

A styling iron with a rotating heated core like the InStyler Max ($100; is one of the best options for faking a blowout in roughly 15 minutes—even on thicker textures. The moving barrel and brush bristles on each side aid in getting a sleek, shiny finish that won't fall flat, and by double-clicking the handle, you can change the direction of the rotation for a more effortless curl pattern.

With Blowout Attachments

If your flat iron comes equipped with clip-on rounded edges, like the Sarah Potempa Blowout Attachments ($11;, you can mimic the shapes and volume of a salon blowout with the same motions you use to straighten your hair. Focus on pulling the ends of your strands through as if you were working with a round brush, as the convex shape adds extra bounce. Tools with curved exteriors that look similar to the Kardashian Hair 3-In-1 Hairstyling Iron ($90; work just as well.

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