Kardashian Hair Line
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Kardashian Beauty

Between launching a hair line with her sisters, attending Kanye's concert and other New York Fashion week events, Kim Kardashian has been keeping busy. We sat down with her this week at the Kardashian Beauty Hair Care event where she gave us the lowdown on how she really felt about chopping off her long waves into this shorter, edgier lob.

What has changed in your routine now that your hair is shorter?

I, so far, have only done a side part so it’s been really easy. I find I can wear more with it---it's not really about the hairstyle as much. I can give more thought about the outfit. Before I felt like I had a lot of hair and I’m sure I’ll go back soon and put pieces in to make it longer. It’s just easier. now, I feel like I can just put dry shampoo and go.

She won't ever (ever, ever!) dye it blonde. Probably.

What color are you most comfortable with?

Definitely Brunette. Brunette is who I am---I didn’t ever dye my hair until I was 28 or 29 when I went blonde that one time. And I loved that blonde; it was really pretty. Now, this is my natural hair color but every once in a while I have to put a gloss on it.

Baby North is kind of obsessed with it.

What was North's reaction to your short haircut? Because you know how little girls want princess hair.

I don’t know if she even understood it! She was there when I was cutting it and then I walked out and was like, "Mommy cut her hair. Do you like it?" She just laughed.