By Lindsay Dolak
Updated Feb 24, 2016 @ 2:30 pm
Subscription Boxes for Girls
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We don’t need to tell you that girls today are seriously the coolest. They have interests ranging in everything from fashion to science and beauty to sports, and they aren’t afraid to pursue their dreams. How do you keep up with this next generation of inspiring girls? Keep them inspired. Enter the slew of modern and immersive subscription box services for girls today. These monthly services keep them entertained while cultivating their interests of all kinds. There is a box for just about everything and below, we’ve called out three of our favorites for all of the smart girls in your life.

Calling all future Elizabeth Blackburns and Marie Curies! If you’ve got a budding scientist or techie on your hands, Stembox (above) is for her. Stembox was created to alleviate the lack of challenging science toys and kits for girls. The company is all about empowering the next generation of female scientists, or Steminists. A box containing everything necessary to complete a different STEM-related experiment, covering everything from electrical engineering and computer programming to math and biology, will arrive for your mini scientist each month. For example, March’s experiment involves turning lemons into batteries and comes with an easy-to-understand explanation as to why and how it’s possible. Suggested age range: 7 to 13.

Doodle Crate
Founded by a mother of two, Doodle Crate is all about exercising imagination and cultivating creativity. Each box contains new, interesting materials for building that month’s project. For example, wax to create color-blocked candles or rubber to make hand-carved stamps. Each project allows plenty of room for personal creativity, too. This is an updated art box for crafty kids that mimics hands on experiences they might have at museums or in the classroom. Suggested age range: 9 to 16.

Surprise Ride
For girls who are interested in just about everything, take them on a Surprise Ride every month. Each month’s box is a curated adventure focused on a specific theme, such as geography, art, or food, For example, some past boxes have included adventures focused on Italy, sailing, and newspapers. To make a well-rounded adventure, the boxes contain hands-on activities relating to the theme, as well as other informative materials like short books, extra trinkets, and even a snack. Suggested age range: 6 to 11.