3 Multitasking Hairbrushes That Make Styling Quicker and Easier

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Sure, you can keep on brushing your hair with the tool that's currently crammed in your bathroom drawer. But why would you when these upgrades can detangle with some pretty impressive side effects? Check out the best way to put these super-charged brushes to work in your routine.

Cricket Ultra Smooth Coconut Detangling Brush ($13; cricketco.com)

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How it Works: With tiny plastic bristles infused with coconut oil and keratin protein, this brush (designed to be used on wet hair) smoothes strands and ousts frizz. If used in the shower, it can also help distribute conditioner from roots to tips.

Our Tester Says: "Detangling my coarse, curly hair can sometimes mean tons of breakage," says our reporter. "This brush was more gentle than other brushes with plastic bristles, yet still managed to get out all of the knots. I also used it for a little scalp massage—not only was it relaxing, but I felt like my scalp was being exfoliated as well." Another feature our tester appreciated? "Even though my hands were soaked and covered in conditioner, I still had a good grip on it thanks to the curved handle."

Amika Bombshell Blowout Thermal Brush ($100; sephora.com)

Time-Saving Hairbrushes - Lead

How it Works: Plug in this electric round brush and the two-inch ceramic barrel will heat up to 356 degrees to provide volume and lift as you style. Work it through freshly dried hair to get a subtle bend to your ends, or wrap sections around it for a bouncier curl. It also features a setting that emits negative ions, which helps de-puff by fighting static.

Our Tester Says: "It looks like one of those hot-air brushes, but there’s no air involved here," says our reporter. "I used it like I would a regular hair brush, pulling it from roots to tips, and my strands were left especially smooth." The result was a sleek, yet simple 'do with slightly curled ends. "Using this gave me a polished, fresh-from-the-blow-dry-bar finish."

Conair Dry Shampoo Brush ($8; conair.com for locations)

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How it Works: Uniquely designed to be used with any dry shampoo, this brush has residue-removing boar bristles in the center and detangling nylon bristles on the sides.

Our Tester Says: Dry shampoo typically poses a challenge: "After I apply it to my thick, shoulder-length hair, I usually have to run my hands through it and do some scrunching to get the product to disappear. Even then, I might miss a spot," says our reporter. "After a few mists of dry shampoo, I ran this brush through my roots three times and the white residue was gone." It also added volume. "Because the boar bristles are so densely packed, it really helped lift my strands at the roots. I'd use this even without a dry shampoo!"

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