3 Essential Tips for Valentine's Day Lingerie Shopping

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Shopping for lingerie can sometimes be, well, intimidating. A flurry of panic-inducing questions may come to mind just as Valentine's Day rolls around: Where should I go? What do I buy? Can I actually wear it underneath my outfit?

Here, we solve all your problems—and spotlight the chicest lingerie finds in the market inspired by your favorite style stars (hello, Kristen Stewart and Rooney Mara).

Decide the look you want. The best way to shop for lingerie is to know the type of look you're going for—whether you want to go for sexy lace styles or a pretty floral set, have an idea before you hit the stores (or open your laptop). To identify which look will suit you best, you can take one of two routes: either stick with your go-to style—minimalists, we've got you covered—or pull a wild card and go for a ladylike animal print (tip: it's worth dishing out a little more cash on chic animal-print lingerie since the motif can easily look cheap).

Find the right fit. Trying on lingerie is tricky. Is it a taboo thing to do? Some stores allow it while others don't; however, fit is key—you must feel comfortable in your purchase. Stick to silhouettes you trust (boy shorts and lined bras can be incredibly sexy—it's all in the details). It's also best to shop from the brands you already know and love—but don't be afraid to try out lesser-known brands along the way. A few of our favorites are Kiki de Montparnasse, Only Hearts, and Zinke.

Choose wearable pieces. While combing through your options, keep in mind that you want to buy pieces that you can actually wear, say under a LBD on date night (every man knows what you're doing when you're "changing" seconds after stepping foot in the door). Also, stay away from styles that are hard to tell what you're even looking at—too many straps can be confusing, for everyone. Silks, sheers, and smooth laces are your best bet as they create a seamless look under your best date night outfit.

We pulled lingerie must-haves (sleep sets and robes included) inspired by our favorite celebrity looks for every type of girl's taste. Retro girl? Check. A die-hard romantic? Check. Sexy siren? Check. Boho babe? You guessed it: Check. Take a look at them now:

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