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Now that winter’s finally almost over, it’s time to talk cuticles. Much like the rest of your skin, the cuticles suffer from moisture loss during the cold-weather months, leaving them dry, cracked, and in some serious need of pampering.

For some double-duty action, try Julep’s Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum ($22; As it replenishes your cuticles, dry, brittle nails will gain a healthier appearance overtime. Use as the final step to your manicure, or massage it on before bed to let the healing happen as you snooze.

RELATED: This Genius Product Keeps Your Nail Polish From Getting on Your CuticlesAnother way to repair the damage is by swiping on a nourishing cuticle cream. We like Deborah Lippmann’s The Cure ($24;, which comes in a chic mini jar that’s perfect for keeping at your desk or stashing in your handbag. Dab it on your nails throughout the day (especially after washing your hands) to soothe and soften the delicate area.

Of course, an oil will work wonders as well. The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Oil ($12; offers long-lasting hydration with a combination of sweet almond, sunflower, sesame seed, and hemp oils. And the formula isn't just limited to the hands and nails: elbows, knees, and other areas prone to dryness can benefit too.RELATED: Would You Try a Keratin Treatment for Your Nails?