This 3-D Camera App Will Make Food Photography That Much More Addictive
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The post below entitled, “This 3-D Camera App Will Make Food Photography That Much More Addictive,” originally appeared on FWx.

Our photo-obsessed food culture is about to enter an entirely new dimension—the third dimension. True, it isn't that new; food has existed in three dimensions for all of time. But a new photo app promises the prospect of 3-D photographs, taken with ease from your smartphone.

The app, called 3DAround, purports to let users to hit record, then revolve their phone or tablet around an object, capturing it from all angles; the app then spits out a 3-D image users can rotate on their touchscreens. The free app should be available as soon as next month from its developer, Dacuda.

Though 3DAround works with anything, food was the inspiration. According to TechCrunch, Alexander Ilic, Dacuda's founder and CTO, actually got the idea from "watching food blogger friends take dozens of photos of plates of grub from different angles and struggle to decide which was best." This marks a rare occasion when someone found this sort of behavior inspiring instead of annoying.

For those who think it all sounds too good to be true, there's actually a technological explanation: Apple recently opened up its camera's API in iOS 8, giving developers more control over what they can do. Unfortunately, that also means that, for now, the app will be available only on iPhone 5s and up that run iOS 8.