By Claire Stern
Updated Sep 19, 2014 @ 1:47 pm
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Korean women are sources of envy for those vying for flawless porcelain skin, so it should come as no surprise that the country happens to be home to some of the world’s best beauty products. Thanks to a crop of new e-commerce sites, getting your hands on Asia's premier cosmetic solutions can now be accomplished with just a few clicks. What's more, each one is prepped to deliver to the states, so you needn't worry about sky-high shipping fees and weeks-long delivery times. Here are our faves below, plus their most popular products sold (just don't blame us for your impending foreign cosmetics addiction):


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Founders Chang-keun Shin and Yang launched KollectionK in August 2012 with the generous goal of introducing Korean products to global customers. The e-commerce site has since expanded beyond the realm of cosmetics to clothing and gift items, like these epic water bottles and Swiss cheese sticky notes, and, as evidenced above, specializes in too-cute-for-words packaging and design for all of their products. Plus, there's free shipping on orders over $100, with each purchase shipped within five to eight business days, so placing an order is easy as pie.

Peach and Lily

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Peach and Lily prides itself on being the preeminent site for discovering the latest and greatest in Korean beauty, and that's thanks in no small part to founders Alicia Yoon and Cindy Kim, former athletes whose love of cosmetics stemmed from poking around their mothers' vanities. Now, Yoon is a trained esthetician, and both preside over an intense, hands-on curation process that involves hunting for products in Korea and rigorously vetting each through myriad screenings, interviews with brands, and extensive focus group tests, so you can be rest assured that everything on the site is the crème de la crème. To top it all off, Peach and Lily also offers free skincare consultations and free shipping on orders over $50 with a no-hassle return policy.

Soko Glam

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Like Peach and Lily, Soko Glam introduces the most popular Korean products and brands that are all tested and approved by its founder, Charlotte Cho, a Korean and native Californian. To find products to feature on her site, Cho scours the market in Seoul and personally tests each item, often enlisting the help of beauty development specialists along the way to chime in on the most recent innovations in the industry. She also aims to "demystify Korean beauty products, techniques, and skincare routines," she says, through her blog, replete with selfies and editorials that detail her meticulous product research.