3 Covert Ways to Use Your Concealer

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Despite what the classification implies, concealer does a whole lot more than just, well, conceal. Don’t get us wrong, masking blemishes and diminishing dark circles is all well and good, but over the years we’ve gotten creative with our concealer and, after much trial and error, we’ve identified three functional ways to repurpose coverup. Trust us when we say you’ll never look at your concealer in the same way again.

Covert Concealer Use No. 1: As Foundation

If you’re in a rush, use concealer to turn your regular lotion into a tinted moisturizer. A liquid formula with a doe-foot applicator—we like Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer ($28; sephora.com)—will serve you best heresince its wand is practically made for mixing (just make sure to clean it off before you return it to the tube). Using your hand as a palette, simply combine your moisturizer and concealer, adjusting the ratio depending on your desired coverage. We tend to find that the magic formula for daily wear is one part concealer to two parts moisturizer.

Covert Concealer Use No 2: As a Primer

If your eyelids are particularly oily, a dedicated primer made specifically to de-slick your lids might be your best bet. However, if your eyelids are on the normal to dry side, concealer can do the job, since, like many primers, it creates an even-toned base for your eyeshadow. To avoid creasing, choose a lightweight formula and gently pat over your lids using your ring finger. Then, be sure to set the area with a loose powder to create a matte finish on which your shadows are more likely to stay put.

Covert Concealer Use No. 3: As a Highlighter

As the seasons change, so might the shade of your concealer.Try breathingnew life into your winter match by using it as a highlighter in the summer. Dot the color atop your cheekbones, at the inner corners of your eyes, along the bridge of your nose, and at your Cupid’s bow and blend, using your fingers. On the flip side, once winter rolls back around, if you find yourself with a too-dark shade of concealer, simply dot and blend the formula in the hollows of your cheeks for a quick contoured effect.

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