For InStyle's November issue, on newsstands now and availale for digital download, we teamed up with Google to uncover your most-searched questions and problems. Then, we found the best sites, apps, and tools to answer 'em all.

By Christina Shanahan
Updated Oct 27, 2015 @ 4:00 pm
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If that diet plan you've been trying so hard to stick to goes right out the window when you cross paths with a chocolate chip cookie, then it may be time to call for some backup. After all, there's nothing quite like having someone hold you accountable to your nutrition and keep you on track. We found the apps that let you access a personal nutritionist faster than you can Instagram a snap of your avocado toast.

Lose It!
Fill out a health survey and set your weight loss goals on the website, then the pros at Lose It! will provide a customized diet plan. Download the corresponding app to help you stay on track—it features a barcode scanner to make logging your food selections a cinch. Trust us, this will make you think twice about hitting up Shake Shack.

For a monthly $50 fee, this app pairs you with a registered dietician who evaluates each of your daily meals—easily uploaded through the app—and offers tips on how to make better choices and substitutions. The in-app messaging feature makes it super easy to keep an open dialogue with your nutrition counsel.

Noom Coach
Designed to provide you with 360-degree support on your weight loss mission, Noom provides you with a customized daily game plan to help you get closer to your goals. The free version of the apps helps you with calorie counting and meal tracking; the pro version ($10/month) connects you with a support group to motivate you to stay on track; and the platinum version ($40/month) provides you with a one-on-one coach.