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Stylish Pets on Instagram
Credit: Instagram/@hamlet_the_piggy

We always look to Instagram for #OOTD inspiration, but as it turns out, some of the best style out there doesn't come just from our favorite fashion bloggers—it also comes from our adorable pets. From furry to feathered friends, these adorable animals prove that when it comes to fashion, anyone can embrace a signature look.

So whether you're in need of some fresh outfit ideas (for you or your cat!), or you're just looking for something to make you smile, these fashion-loving pets are sure to fit the bill.

And while street style stars will always have a place in our feed, it's not the newest Chanel bag that's making us "ooh" and "aah," it's these 29 chic companions—canine, feline, and otherwise. Read the rest of this story on