By Grace Gavilanes
Updated Nov 27, 2014 @ 3:30 pm
Puffer Coats to Wear
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Below is an excerpt from "24 Puffer Coats to Bundle Up as Stylishly as Possible This Winter” which originally appeared on POPSUGAR FASHION. Read the full story at

With an arctic chill in the air, we have no other option but to bundle up—and bundle up in style. The solution is, of course, a cozy, padded puffer jacket that insulates and seals in the heat.

VIDEO: 30 Puffer Coats In 60 Seconds

Lest the suggestion conjures up images of the Michelin man or your brother's hand-me-down coat you sported in grade school, we're here to set you straight with a lineup of seriously chic down coats and jackets that won't ruin your outfit. Far from it, this cool set of bright colors, sleek go-with-anything black toppers, and new waist-defining shapes pull double duty, keeping you stylish and warm all winter. Click through to see the styles.