By Jonathan Borge
Updated Feb 13, 2018 @ 10:30 am
Danielle Herrington
Credit: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

If you’re not familiar with the name Danielle Herrington, now’s the time to catch up.

The 24-year-old California native has been tapped as the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl, making her the third African-American woman to grace the magazine’s annual issue after Beyoncé in 2005 and Tyra Banks in 1997. Obviously, the shot of her in a pink bikini—photographed in Harbour Island, Bahamas—is gorgeous, but there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Below, a few fun facts about the breakout model.

VIDEO: Danielle Herrington Is the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018 Cover Model

She’s a Rookie

Herrington started modeling when she was 13, but her career really kicked off in 2017 when she posed for her first-ever legit shoot in Fiji. “I remember being told I was going to live in New York,” she told Sports Illustrated. “Six months later, I’m a Swimsuit model.”

Her and Tyra Banks Are the Same Height

The fresh face is 24 years old and is 5’ 10”, just like Tyra Banks, who surprised her with the news that she was this year’s cover girl. “She’s the reason I knew about Sports Illustrated,” Herrington told SI. “Her being the first black woman on the cover was so important to me.”

She Owns the Runway

Danielle Herrington
Credit: Peter White/Getty Images

Herrington made her New York Fashion Week debut in a daring black look at Philipp Plein last September, and she hit the designer’s runway again this season. Watch her walk here:

She’s got the bikini thing down pat

Here’s proof:

She could have been Chelsea Herrington, not Danielle

According to Sports Illustrated, her mom wanted to name her Chelsea, but her dad suggest they go with Danielle instead.

Here’s what she’d do if she weren’t modeling

In 2016, she told GQwhat she’d do if modeling didn’t take off. “In school my major was psychology, I always thought it was really cool how the mind works, so I would be interested in becoming a child psychiatrist,” she said.

She’s Just Like Any Girl

Herrington told Sports Illustrated that her favorite meal is the Kung Pao spaghetti with chicken from California Pizza Kitchen, and that her go-to drink is a tequila soda. She really wants to meet Beyoncé (understandable), loves to cook chili, and is obsessed with Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel.