By Jonathan Borge
Jan 12, 2018 @ 10:45 am

If you’ve yet to see The Florida Project all you have to know is that 7-year-old Brooklynn Prince is the star of the show.

That’s why the upcoming star took home the award for best young actress at the 2018 Critics' Choice Awards on Thursday, where she then took the stage to deliver a speech people couldn’t help but fawn over. Dressed in a cute red dress, she addressed the audience, sobbing, with one of the most sincere speeches we’ve ever heard.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“This is such a big honor, but I would like, all the nominees, you know, you guys are great, you guys are awesome, we should go and get ice cream after this,” she said as she teared up, also urging the audience to help families and children in underserved, tumultuous communities that are eventually turned into child services much like the story of Moonee, the character she portrayed on camera.

And while her speech alone was enough to make headlines, one actress seemingly also made Prince’s big night: Angelina Jolie.

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Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Little Brooklynn Prince walked past the Oscar winner and received a warm hug from Jolie. While we’re not sure what words these two exchanged, we imagine Jolie dished nothing but encouragement.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

In November, Variety reported that Prince was reportedly in talks to join Jolie in Disney’s live-action adaptation of The One and Only Ivan, so we’ll be seeing more of her in the coming months.

Prince also told People she’s gained new friends this awards season, like Millie Bobby Brown, whom she FaceTimes. “I just love her,” she said.