2017 might go down in history as the year of the "boob trend" in fashion. From slight cleavage and sideboob to even underboob, there are plenty of chest-related options to fit your wildest desire, and the models of the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show know it.

Before they strutted their stuff in the actual show, the models talked with InStyle about what boob trends make their best (breast?) list.

"Ya know, I'm old-fashioned so I like a little cleavage. So I think a dress with a little sideboob action never hurt a girl," Karlie Kloss said.

Others, like Lily Aldridge, were less sure.

"My favorite boob trend of the year? I don't even know, what's 2017's boob trend? We need to do a poll."

If we did a poll, we think Jasmine Tookes's answer would probably do pretty well.

"I think my favorite boob trend of the year is cleavage," said Tookes. "I think cleavage is always good and sexy and you can't go wrong."

For more Victoria's Secret model opinions on the latest boob trends, watch the video above.

—With reporting by Kim Peiffer