Make 2016 the Year of the Lob

Sophia Loren
Photo: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

The in-between stage of growing your hair out from that adorable 2015 short bob to the luscious long locks of your dreams doesn't have to be as treacherous as you think. There is now an official name for this other than the "awkward stage"—the lob.

Throughout history, the lob has been worn time and time again, proving it is truly one of the most timeless hairstyles that there is. From Jean Harlow's retro '30s lob, to Diana Ross's glamorous, feathered curls of the '70s, this cut has been recyled in glorious new ways.

As we're headed into the new year, leave your negative thoughts about your blase mid-length hair in 2015 and embrace whatever style of lob suits your look best. Choose a wavy, carefree look with a center part or go sleek and sophisticated with a straightened version. Work with your hairstylist to choose the best layers for your face-shape and head into 2016 with a positive attitude, and a hot new look.

If you're planning on going from super long to short and need to take baby-steps, the lob is the perfect in-between before you go full-out pixie. So go ahead—make the cut!

See all of the greatest lobs throughout history here.

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