100 Ways to Paint Your Wardrobe via InStyle's 2015 Fall Color Guide

Fall Color Guide Lead
Photo: Lauren Waterman

Pantone’s 2015 color of the year is Marsala, a rich, burgundy-like tone that looks just like our favorite choice of red wine. Sure, the hue is pretty, but navigating your go-to online shopping destinations in search of the perfect tops, skirts, pants, and shoes that reflect your passion for all things Marsala is no easy feat. That’s exactly where our 2015 Fall Color Guide comes in to help you navigate your way through next season’s most desired-combinations.

So how does it work? The handy smartphone and tablet-friendly guide allows you to choose from 29 of fall’s buzzed-about colors (think flame, kelly green, violet, and rosewater) and learn what each pair with best. Each color’s page includes a runway image that shows how designers incorporated it into their collections and also offers advice from top stylists and experts on how to pair the color and which occasions best suit it.

Head to our digital store to purchase the 2015 Fall Color Guide now for just $1.99 or choose any three of our Style Pro Guides by signing up for a one-year digital subscription to InStyle. Your closet is waiting!

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