The 2013 New Year's Eve Crystal Ball: All the Details!

Waterford Ball
Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage, Will Ragozzino (2)

It's the ball seen 'round the world, and got an up-close view of the Times Square New Year's Eve ball before it drops on December 31st! "From the street, you don't really get to see it in all its glory," said Jennifer Morganelli, the vice president of marketing for Waterford Crystal, the company that designs and creates the 2,688 crystal triangles that cover the geodesic sphere. "The detail isn't something you can see from the street." And the detail is what's astounding about it! A team of 10 designers at Waterford's factory in Ireland work year-round to sketch, design, and cut each of the triangles seen on the ball, a process Waterford has done since 1999. This year's theme is Let There Be Peace, so 288 of the triangles feature a dove etched into each corner. There is also one triangle engraved with Dick Clark's name on it, which serves to honor his memory and influence in the Times Square tradition, a tradition that started in 1904. The biggest honor, however, is who pushes down the ball just before the clock strikes midnight. New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is the one who gets to decide—last year, he picked Lady Gaga—and, as of now, no one knows who will usher in 2013. We only have a few more days to find out! In the meantime, click through the gallery to find out more information about the epic crystal ball!

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