Jordana Brewster
Credit: Giles Keyte

Ever since Fast & Furious 6 raced into theaters two weeks ago, it's been raking in audiences the world over. The action flick brought in over $100 million in the first few days alone—no small accomplishment for a franchise that began 12 years ago. And the action-packed flick shows no sign of slowing down. That's why we caught up with the woman at the center of it all, star Jordana Brewster, who plays Paul Walker's wife Mia, to get the scoop on all things Fast. Scroll down to read her exclusive Q&A with about the film, her style, and more.

1. The top movie two weekends in a row is amazing! What’s been your reaction to its success this time around?"Well, I went to the movie with my husband because he hadn’t seen it yet. I saw it for the first time in London with my mom, who I took on the press junket, and to go to the theater and to see the reaction, and then to go on Twitter and see the reaction there, you have to relish it! This doesn’t happen very much and you just have to relish it. It’s been fun!"

2. Does it surprise you that it just keeps getting bigger and better?"I think it kind of surprised everybody because it’s so rare that the sixth one is the most successful because the first one is usually the most successful and then it goes downhill from there. I think it’s a credit to [director] Justin Lin, who really reinvented the franchise. Universal knows that they can’t take advantage of their fans, as well as new elements that reinvigorate the franchise."

3. How often do you chat with your co-stars? Have you been texting and calling each other about the movie’s success?"I did I texted Paul to say “Wow!” and I congratulated Justin the director about it, but I’ve been on set in New Orleans so I haven’t been able to going to screenings with the cast, which would have been fun."

4. Has the cast of Fast & Furious become like a family?"Absolutely, we totally have. It’s so nice to have shorthand with the cast. It’s almost like doing a television show. You pick up right where you left off."

5. What’s your favorite thing about the franchise?"Where it takes us! I think the last one we were in Brazil and this time we were in London. We travel to so many fun places with friends. I also love that it’s a cinematic scrapbook, like in the opening credit sequence, you can see how much we’ve grown and evolved. It doesn’t feel that like it’s been 12 years."

6. Who do you study to get into this character?"It always starts with the wardrobe. Sanja [Milkovic Hays] has been the costume designer since the first Fast and I can usually tell where Mia’s at depending on where she is with her costume. In 5, I was in T-shirts and jeans, everything was really gritty. But for 6 I was back with cardigans and dresses, and was like 'Oh no! Mia is going to be more docile this time.' But playing Mia is second nature. I’ve played her for 12 years and been able to be in different phases and evolve with her."

7. You mentioned that your clothes affect where your character is but does it also reflect your character’s state of mind?"I think so, I think when she’s more maternal and more of a homebody she dresses more girly with the dresses and the cardigan. I love the crochet dress at the end. It’s a mix of wholesome and sexy at the same time, but I prefer being in the jeans and being in the action."

8. How is your personal style different than your characters?"It was really similar in 5 becuase it was jeans a lot and don’t love wearing heels, and I’m pretty practical. I don’t really dress girly like Mia did in 6. When I’m a mom, I think I’ll be too tired to put on a cute dress and be feminine, but she pulled it off."

9. You play up the natural look in the movie, how long did it take you to get ready?"It usually takes me about an hour and a half. I cut my hair, so hopefully it will take less time. In Dallas, I wear strips of lashes and there wasn’t a lot of that in this because we have to be realistic about what she wears. She would be putting on makeup to sit at home."

10. What do you wear in your hair to get your loose waves?"I really love Moroccan Oil. I found that I my hair just absorbs that stuff and it really tames the frizz really well." [Check out the products at]

11. What are your go-to beauty products on set?"Touche Eclat [by YSL] I wear on any project. I love what that does to brighten eyes." [Shop it for $40 at]

12. What’s next for your character? Do you think since Jack will be older in the next one so you’ll be in more of the action?"I’m lobbying for that because I really being love part of the action, and I love being on the road with guys and doing the fun stunts. Maybe they can leave Jack with a babysitter or maybe they can take him along. I think Paul and I were saying that he could have a Baby Bjorn and he could do the action scenes with him strapped in!"

13. How different are the Dallas fans versus the Fast & Furious fans?"I’m not sure, I think that people that follow the Fast & Furious franchise are die-hards, and it encompasses every ethnicity and spans every generation. But they definitely are different. I either get love for Dallas or Fast on Twitter. But they both have a lot of international appeal with fans."

14. Are you already getting amped about Fast & Furious 7?"Yes, I’m very excited! It’s so nice to be able to explore different levels of relationships with the characters, and when someone new comes on. It’s a dream job!"

15. What’s in the glove compartment in your car?"I love Newman’s Own Mints, so I have like every flavor. It tastes like brown sugar! So I have a bunch of those and protein bars in case I’m on the road and I get hungry. All the necessary stuff."

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