By Noora Raj
Updated Dec 21, 2014 @ 2:00 pm
Fashion/Art Instagrams
Credit: Instagram/paridust; Instagram/meangirlsarthistory

Just one look at the fall collections show that art begets fashion. See: painterly prints abound at Jeremy Scott, Trina Turk, and Suno. But the relationship between art and fashion isn’t always linear; it’s as tangled as a Cy Twombly scribble. From Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali’s surrealist lobster dress to Takashi Murakami’s cherry blossom print purses for Louis Vuitton, the grandest magic often happens when the two disciplines deliberately intersect. For a dose of insta(nt) inspiration, check out the 15 best Instagram accounts to follow at the crossways of fashion and art.

1. @Paridust (above, left): Founder Pari Ehsan scours the globe for artwork she loves, posing in front of each in an outfit styled to reference elements of the work itself. The end result? Exquisite editorial-style images that make you do a double take.

Fashion/Art Instagrams
Credit: Instagram/fashofthetitans

2. @FashoftheTitans: “Who Wore it Better?” goes highbrow brilliant with Fash of the Titans, a showdown between an artwork and a runway look of a similar aesthetic. A moody amethyst Mark Rothko or an ombre Elie Saab minidress from Fall-Winter 2014? The choice is yours.

Fashion/Art Instagrams
Credit: Instagram/copylab

3. @Copylab: This cheeky account takes iconic works by artists like David Hockney and Édouard Manet and makes a few strategic additions – a Givenchy backpack here, a striped Alexander Wang heel there. A William Adolphe Bouguereau’s nude becomes 21st century ready with a Chanel canvas graffiti backpack while the stoic farmer’s wife in Grant Wood’s American Gothic gets a sartorial update from Louis Vuitton.

Fashion/Art Instagrams
Credit: Instagram/whereiseefashion

4. @WhereISeeFashion: Bianca Luini finds fashion in the everyday experience, from flowers cascading over a cliff to a neon-lit office building. Her instagram pairs editorial and runway images with a photo from nature, architecture or art, drawing on parallels in color, form and mood.

5. @MeanGirlsArtHistory (above, right): The fetchest textbook ever. Each post consists of a famous painting you probably learned about in high school paired with an appropriate Mean Girls quote. Michelangelo’s David is “high status man candy” while Picasso’s Les Desmoiselles D'Avignon is dubbed “an army of skanks.” You’ll be pop-quiz ready in no time.

Fashion/Art Instagrams
Credit: Instagram/therow

6. @TheRow: The Row’s trademark chic minimalism juxtaposes perfectly with shots of evocative works by Robert Rauschenberg and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Fashion/Art Instagrams
Credit: Instagram/kellywearstler

7. @KellyWearstler: Fashion and interior designer Kelly Wearstler has a knack for finding and creating images of splendor. From behind-the-scenes images of her accessories collaboration with monochromatic artist Shantell Martin to almost surreal shots of hidden murals and abstract art, Wearstler’s world gets more glamorous with every post.

Fashion/Art Instagrams
Credit: Instagram/claire_fivestory

8. @Claire_Fivestory: There’s a reason why Manhattan boutique Fivestory has become the go-to destination to discover the next “it” designers: owner Claire Distenfeld, who earned a master’s degree in contemporary art from Sotheby’s and worked in an art gallery before turning to fashion. Just look to Fivestory favorites Rosie Assoulin and Katie Ermilio for proof of Distenfeld’s well-trained eye.

Fashion/Art Instagrams
Credit: Instagram/homeontherunway

9. @HomeontheRunway: Interior Designer Franny Zigdon takes a fashion-infused approach to home design, featuring designers’ chic abodes and drawing interior trends from the Burberry and Dolce and Gabbana runway shows.

Fashion/Art Instagrams
Credit: Instagram/ryankorban

10. @RyanKorban: The interior designer behind Balenciaga and Alexander Wang’s New York flagship stores creates instagram vignettes that marry some of fashion’s biggest trends. Start with the clean, tailored lines of Celine, layer in the luxe texture of a cozy Altuzarra fur (the designer also happens to be one of Korban’s closest friends) and top it off with Wang’s cheeky grit and you have a room that is quintessentially Korban.

Fashion/Art Instagrams
Credit: Instagram/travelwritedraw

11. @TravelWriteDraw: Fashion illustrator Meagan Morrison first studied fine art before ending up at business school. Now, she’s flown all over the world to live sketch fashion shows and work with brands like Armani and Tanya Taylor. Her instagram feed blends shots of her artistic inspirations, from the Wynwood walls in Miami to Topkapi Palace in Turkey, with her own stunning illustrations.

Fashion/Art Instagrams
Credit: Instagram/sebperrinparis

12. @SebPerrinParis: By night, the in-demand French DJ plays fashion parties and creates soundtracks for runway shows for the likes of Bottega Veneta, Oscar de la Renta and Altuzarra. By day, Sebastien Perrin curates an instagram feed of conceptual art and expressive photography that chronicles his daily activities, such as a skull composed of typewriter keys to describe a long day of editing songs.

Fashion/Art Instagrams
Credit: Instagram/kalen_hollomon

13. @Kalen_Hollomon: Collage artist Kalen Hollomon’s work is gritty, glossy and always thought-bending; whether he’s creating fake fashion ads for brands like Chanel and Prada, or playing with dimension by juxtaposing vintage magazine clippings and photos of seemingly banal subway riders. Hollomon was also the inspiration behind Tanya Taylor’s recent Resort 15 collection and worked with her to create the coolest lookbook we’ve seen, featuring cut-outs of models in Taylor’s clothes at various New York landmarks.

Fashion/Art Instagrams
Credit: Instagram/beyondthemag

14. @BeyondtheMag: Stripes, swirls, shagreen, leather and fur. Beyond the Mag is a cacophony of texture, in the best way. Each post (whether it’s art-inspired fashion or fashion-inspired art) brings up the classic chicken and egg question. We don’t know which came first, art or fashion, but we know they look good together.

Fashion/Art Instagrams
Credit: Instagram/tasteofrunway

15. @TasteofRunway: Here at InStyle, we’re of the ilk that food is art. You will be too when you get a look at Taste of Runway, which combines runway images with original recipes, like a vibrant red berry mousse topped with cream that echoes the candy-colored textured of an asymmetrical Dior dress. Both look good enough to eat.