By Andrea Cheng
Feb 05, 2015 @ 11:45 am

Out of all existing holidays, Valentine's Day is ranked at the very top in terms of excessive mushiness and over-the-top lovey-dovey gestures. Sometimes it gets to be too much, even when you are in a relationship. That's why we armed ourselves with the mission to scout Valentine's Day jewelry that scale down the ick and up the cool factor.

We reduced the number of heart motif–finds and, instead, picked pieces that cleverly hint at love, like a heartbeat cuff, custom coordinates (that point to where you first met, or your first kiss), or cool shooting arrow ear jackets. And better yet, these can be worn year-round. Shop them for yourself or show them to your beau for a not-so-subtle nudge.

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Shop the pieces above (clockwise, from top left): Kate Spade "I adore you" necklace, $78; Sarah Chloe heartbeat cuff, $139; Catbird letter ring, $125; Jacquie Aichie "Love" ear jacket, $253; Coordinates Collection bracelet, $265;


Shop the pieces above (clockwise, from top left): Jennifer Zeuner "Love" anklet, $132; Pamela Love arrow ear jackets, $228; BaubleBar morse code cuff, $32;

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Shop the pieces above (clockwise, from top left): Maya Brenner link necklace, $1,080; Ryan Porter "xo" bracelet, $52; Aurelie Bidermann key stud earrings, $290;


Shop the pieces above (clockwise, from top): Olive Yew for Jewelmint ampersand necklace, $44; Lola James lock bracelet, $75; Jami knot ring, $50;

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