The 13 Reasons Why Cast Revealed Their Fave Selena Gomez Songs and There Are Some Surprises

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While she might be the executive producer of the show, it seems that the cast of 13 Reasons Why absolutely love Selena Gomez’s music, too. In fact, they love it so much that a handful of the Netflix show’s cast can even list their favorite track from the top of their head.

The cast of 13 Reasons Why and Selena Gomez have become firm friends, and we’re loving it. We’ve loved seeing them get matching tattoos, and relished hearing the advice that Selena has departed on them (well, she is a celebrity veteran). Essentially we really *really* want to be in their gang!

Well, it seems that the cast of 13 Reasons Why are also ardent Selena Gomez fans, and we have the proof.

In a video filmed by the Associated Press at the premiere of the hit Netflix show, some of the show’s cast were quizzed about which Selena song was their fave, and there are some SERIOUS deep cuts being picked.

Devin Druid, who plays Tyler in the show, picked the acoustic version of “Kill Em With Kindness,” which is taken from the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack, along with Revival album track “Perfect,” while the actor who plays Justin, Brandon Flynn, felt that Selena and Kygo’s new track, the infectious EDM track “It Ain’t Me,” was “the best one ever.”

Tommy Dorfman, who plays Ryan on the show, is clearly a Selena fan (as well as her new BFF). “She has this song called ‘Sober’ that I really love,” he said. “It’s off the Revival album. It’s pretty low-key, I don’t think it was a single, but it’s probably my favorite song. It’s just really beautiful. The lyrics, I connect to.”

Most surprisingly, Dylan Minnette, who played Clay, was able to rattle off his favorite Selena Gomez song without any hesitation, picking “Me and the Rhythm.” “[It’s] hands down the best Selena song. So good,” he said.

Watch the cast of 13 Reasons Why pick their fave Selena songs below.

Luckily, given that their such fans, it seems that the cast of the teen drama won’t have *too* long to wait until we get to hear some new Selena Gomez music. The singer has allegedly been hard at work in the studio with frequent collaborators Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels, with a record executive describing the sound as “next level.” SO. EXCITING!

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