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May 09, 2015 @ 5:45 pm

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We'd be friends. How many times have you said that about a totally relatable and really funny character on your favorite TV show? We get it. Here are the girlfriends we'd want to hang out with Friday night...or any night.

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1. Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec

When it comes to a friend that would move mountains for you, just vote Knope. Not only is her unabashed cheeriness just what we need on a gloomy day, but she’ll never ever forget a special friend anniversary, as evidenced by her unwavering commitment to her very own best friend. Besides, don’t we all not-so-secretly want to be Ann Perkins?

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2. Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

The ultimate anti-smother Mother, Lorelei is the best friend and maternal figure we all look up to. She's the perfect woman to invite to a gabfest since she talks at a rapid pace and can come up with a one-liner that would put Jimmy Fallon to shame.

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3. Olivia Pope from Scandal

A dream evening with Olivia (or Liv if you’re her BFF) consists of indulging in a glass of expensive red wine, sharing a giant bowl of popcorn and nabbing one of her hand-me-down power suits. It isn’t just her taste in the finer things that we love, but her devotion to her fellow gladiators that really resonates. If we ever need a lady-in-shining-armor, Olivia would be it.

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