Marvel Avengers: The Age Of Ultron Premiere - London
Credit: Ian West/PA Photos/ABACAPRESS.COM

It’s an undisputed fact that the male leads in The Avengers: Age of Ultron are fine male specimens. Sure, they play superheros but that's not the only reason these guys are swoon-worthy. What sets these sexy men apart from the rest is their sense of humors, devotion to their families, and ability to make fun of themselves and each other. With Age of Ultron now in theaters, here are seven reasons why you should support these A+ dudes at the box office this weekend.

1. They’re Family Men

When Hemsworth went on The Ellen Show to promote the film, it wasn’t his hunky Aussie looks that made us weak-kneed. His anecdotes about his twin boys, Sasha and Tristan, and his daughter India was what made us fall in deeper in love with him.

And not like it’s a competition, but Ruffalo dressed up in matching tuxes with his daughter (ie. the definition of adorable).

2. We’d Want to Party With Them

Chris Evans proved that he’s the one to invite to a party when he and his brother took on Jimmy Fallon and his sister in a fierce round of Flip Cup. Anyone who can down 6 beers in 29 seconds is definitely a good time.

3. Or Sing Karaoke

Jeremy Renner’s singing skills may not have made him famous, but his rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” was quality stuff. Bonus round: Renner can ad-lib lyrics as Hawkeye.

4. Or For that Matter, Play Family Feud

Never ever has a game of Family Feud seemed so fun. For an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the cast proved that groupthink is a valuable game show tactic as they hilariously riffed off each other.

5. They’re Willing to Commit to a Prank

Scarlett Johansson got the scare of her life when Evans snuck on set during her The Ellen Show taping. After causing her to lose at least a year of her life, he stuck around for a game.

6. They Also Check Each Other Out

In a hilarious round of “How well do The Avengers know their biceps?” hosted by MTV’s Josh Horowitz, the cast had to guess their co-stars’ muscles. Surprisingly, they were pretty good. So guess we’re not the only ones who could play (and win this game).

7. They Can Make Us Laugh and Cry

Especially Robert Downey Jr., who had an “emotional” interview with Jimmy Fallon. The Tonight Show host gave him a theme like “annoyingly philosophical,” and he had to answer the questions through that lens. He crushed it, obviously.

And if those seven reasons still don’t make you want to go see Age of Ultron, the male cast looking hunky the red carpet should do it.