If you're still struggling to work on that summer beach body, look no further than 101-year-old athlete extraordinaire Man Kaur for inspiration.

The Chandigarh, India, native gave us major goals when she competed in the World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand this week, becoming the oldest female athlete to win a gold medal in the 100-meter race.

Kaur won the 100-meter dash in 74 seconds Monday, according to CNN. Wednesday, nabbing gold in the 200-meter dash and shot put events, and on Thursday, she competed in the javelin throw competition. The World Masters games is open to athletes of all abilities with the minimum age set at 25 and 35, depending on the sport. Kaur was the oldest athlete on hand.

The great-grandmother was the only competitor in her age category for all of her medals, but her participation—and drive—has turned her name into a trending topic. The inspirational competitor was proud of her accomplishments too, throwing up peace signs and even doing a victory dance after her wins.

Man Kaur
Credit: Michael Bradley/AFP/Getty

According to her 79-year-old son and coach, Gurdev Singh, Kaur started competing at 93 after he started taking her with him to the Punjab University Grounds. He noticed she could run well, and she never looked back. "She trains daily," Singh, told CNN. "We eat good homemade food—no fried food. No restaurant eating, every day wheatgrass, nuts and seeds."

As for Kaur, who suffers from osteoporosis and a curved spine, she doesn't plan to stop competing any time soon. "I will run as long as Guru's (God's) grace is with me," she told the outlet.

And we'll be cheering her on as she does it.