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It’s been 25 years since 8-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) had to fend for himself over the holidays in Home Alone. And despite the fact that the classic family film was first released on Nov. 16, 1990, it still resonates with audiences today. That’s why the movie airs on a seemingly constant loop during the holiday season, in addition to holding down its spot as one of the highest-grossing comedies of all time. But while we may love to endlessly quote Home Alone and pretend we were once as cool of a kid as Kevin, some things about the holiday favorite are admittedly dated—and that got us thinking. What would the movie be like if it hit theaters in 2015, instead of the ‘90s? Here are 10 things from Home Alone that would never happen today.

1. The McCallisters wouldn't be carrying hard copies of their plane tickets. They’d each have a digital version of their boarding pass, likely stored in their phone’s Passbook app.

2. A power outage wouldn’t knock out the family’s alarm clocks and cause them to oversleep. Their iPhone alerts would still go off as scheduled.

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3. They would never be able to rush through airport security in order to make an international flight. And they would probably realize that Kevin was missing while they were still in an hour-long line to get through customs.

4. Mr. and Mrs. McCallister wouldn’t be trying to call Kevin from a payphone at the airport. They wouldn’t even be able to find one.

5. Forget all of the fun strategically-placed booby traps that Kevin set to capture the Wet Bandits. Kevin would simply get rid of them by dialing 911 on his cell phone, Tweeting at the local police, or posting a Facebook status to ask for help.

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6. Kevin wouldn’t be scared of his neighbor Old Man Marley, aka The South Bend Shovel Slayer. He’d easily be able to fact-check Buzz’s scary story about the man next door with a quick Google search.

7. Mrs. McCallister wouldn’t have to hitch a ride from Scranton, Penn., back to Chicago in the random van of some polka band. She’d call an Uber.

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8. The family wouldn’t be left to wonder what Kevin was up to while they were away. They’d have a video security system that lets them check up on every room in the house with a simple touch of a button.

9. Kevin wouldn’t be playing a VHS clip of the gangster movie Angels with Filthy Souls to scare the pizza deliveryman. He’d definitely be using a Netflix account or blasting a YouTube clip.

10. Kevin would never leave the house to get his ADA-approved toothbrush and junk food at the grocery store. The McCallisters would be signed up for Amazon Prime next-day delivery, so he’d just place a quick order online and wait for it to arrive.

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