By Andrea Cheng
Apr 22, 2015 @ 12:45 pm
Getty Images

Perhaps the easiest, quickest way to start living green is skipping the plastic bag during weekly grocery runs. This one simple act helps the Earth in countless ways, by eliminating litter and greenhouse gases, and helping to save the lives of Mother Nature's adorable animals and marine life.

In honor of Earth Day, we sought out to find a Top 10 of stylish totes made from sustainable, recycled materials, as well as others cut from canvas, straw, or vegan leather, that work for the grocery store, the farmers' market, and beyond.

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Do-Good Totes


Shop the pieces, clockwise from left: Maika (made from recycled canvas), $36; Apolis + Clare V. (made by artisans in Bangladesh), $68; Verloop (made from repurposed plastic), $75; Bare (made from upcycled coffee sacks), $229;

Vegan Leather Totes

Shop the pieces, clockwise from top: Free People, $68; Stella McCartney, $995; Target, $37;

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Canvas/Straw Totes


Shop the pieces, clockwise from top: Raven + Lily, $35; Skagen, $135; Kayu, $135;

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