By Grace Gavilanes
May 14, 2014 @ 4:42 pm
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

When we think television relationships, our minds often wander to the obvious chemistry between Mindy and Danny on The Mindy Project or the innocent love shared between high school sweethearts Cory and Topanga on Boy Meets World. But some of the best examples of camaraderie and connection on the small screen are not romantic relationships, but female friendships. A prime example? Park and Recreation's Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ann (Rashida Jones). When Leslie lost her city council seat, only Ann—her "poetic and noble land mermaid"—could cheer her up, saying, "Never send a husband to do a best friend's job." Hear, hear!

Our friends over at TakePart rounded up a list of televised lady BFFs who are an equally rich source of love, transformation, and drama. See our favorite pairings below:

 Sex and the City

Craig Blankenhorn/ Warner Bros./courtesy Everett Collection

No list spotlighting TV's best girlfriends would be complete without mentioning the ever-stylish ladies of Sex and the City! The show, though heavily focused on the men in Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte's lives, was ultimately about the strong connection shared among these four women.

 The Mary Tyler Moore Show

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With her headscarves and her brash New York attitude, Rhoda Morgenstern was the perfect foil for polished Midwestern Mary Tyler Moore. Though Mary had many boyfriends over the iconic show's seven-year run, her true partner was always upstairs neighbor Rhoda.

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