40 Years After Grease, Olivia Newton-John Is Selling Her Costumes—and You Can Own Them

Ahead of the 40th anniverasry of Grease, on June 16, Olivia Newton-John shares why her Sandy costume from the film is still one of her most prized possessions. 

InStyle June - Olivia Newton John
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When I was offered the part of Sandy in Grease, I had no idea the film would be so loved. It’s been 40 years and people still come up to me everywhere I go to tell me it’s their favorite movie.

The entire experience of making it was as fun as you’d imagine—the singing and the dancing, of course, but also just hanging out with John [Travolta] and the rest of the cast. It was like being in high school again. I loved all my costumes, especially the leather jacket and pants I wore at the end of the film.

I remember going into the wardrobe trailer with our costume designer, Albert Wolsky, and trying on the outfit for the first time. The jacket fit perfectly, and the red lining was great. The pants were fantastic too, but because they were actually from the ’50s, the zipper was broken, so I had to be stitched into them.

InStyle June - Olivia Newton John
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When I walked out onto the set in them for the first time, I got quite the reaction—everyone stopped—because it was unlike anything I’d worn before. After we wrapped the film, I was lucky enough to get to keep the costume. I’ve worn the jacket for a few performances, but I haven’t tried on the pants since (I don’t want to know what they’d look like on me now!).

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To celebrate the movie’s 40th anniversary, I’ve decided it’s the right time to do some good and auction them off to benefit the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia. It’s exciting to know that the costume will have a bigger purpose. Grease changed my life, and now it can help change the lives of others too.

—As told to Jennifer Ferrise

For more information on the auction and the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, visit olivianewton-john.com. And for more stories like this, pick up the June issue of InStyle, on newsstands and for digital download now.

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