Leonardo DiCaprio Has a Nickname for Brad Pitt, but It's Not What You Think

Hot off the heels of "LDC."

If you're not down with Brad Pitt calling Leonardo DiCaprio "LDC," know that the whole nickname thing is mutual. While he was on the Screen Actors Guild red carpet, Pitt explained to People that DiCaprio has a nickname for him, though anyone hoping for an initial-derived shortcut for "Brad Pitt" will be sorely disappointed. Fans looking for head-scratching anecdotes, however, will eat it up.

"Lover. He calls me Lover," Pitt said. "It's a bit confusing, but I roll with it."

Brad Pitt Leonardo DiCaprio Screen Actors Guild Awards - Inside
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Pitt also spoke about the chumminess between the two. It's not an act, he insists, they're genuinely pals and he hopes that it's not something that seems forced. It's something that fans can see on-screen with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and off, when the two are bantering on the red carpet.

"You'll find, with most of the guys, I would say we're all pretty much rooting for each other, we all have respect for each other, we all have a good laugh with each other," he added. "And it plays, and it's pretty easy."

Pitt took home a statue for his role in the flick and, of course, DiCaprio was right there with him to celebrate. People adds that the two celebrated with dancing (alongside co-star Margaret Qualley) at the SAG Awards Gala.

Pitt hasn't been shy about his connection with DiCaprio during the promotion of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. During an appearance on the Today show, he joked that he would love to do a Christmas album with his friend.

"We talked about doing Jerry Lee Lewis, Dean Martin stories ... I want to do a Christmas album!" Pitt said. He even said that he'd love to continue working with DiCaprio, as long as the project was right. At last year's Cannes Film Festival, he said, "I had a great laugh with him. It's that thing knowing you have the best of the best on the opposite side of the table holding up the scene with you. There is a great relief in that."

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