Gigi Hadid Tommy Hilfiger - Lead 2016
Credit: Courtesy Tommy Hilfiger

A Tommy Girl indeed, Gigi Hadid’s latest ad for Tommy Hilfiger has the 21-year-old model baring tons of skin.

The campaign in question features the model sitting atop a navy stool, posed precariously against an industrial-looking red wall, her right knee raised to support her right elbow. A perfect match to her deep blue stool, Hadid is stripped down to a navy bra and underwear ($20; set from Tommy Hilfiger. The runway icon tousles her beach-y blonde locks with one hand, a dazed expression affixed to her naturally made-up face.

Hadid is no stranger to baring skin—it pretty much comes in her job description. But unlike many of the model’s former campaigns and magazine covers, the Tommy Hilfiger photo crew hasn’t attempted to remove the smattering of moles that cover Hadid’s torso.

Hadid is also no newbie when it comes to the Tommy Hilfiger brand—the model and designer collaborated on their own capsule collection, TOMMY x GIGI, which launched earlier this season.

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We love Gigi, moles and all.