The Most Gorgeous New Year's Eve Makeup Looks for Every Zodiac Sign

Leos will be into colorful brows.

While you may be ready to kiss goodbye to 2022 and welcome in 2023, there are still a few days left before New Year’s Eve to put together some amazing makeup looks to celebrate the annual shift.

NYE Makeup

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Here, we rounded up 12 of the best glam moments to find the perfect fit for your zodiac sign. This way you can move into the new year with style, grace, and beauty that's suited just for you.

Discover the NYE makeup look for your sign, ahead.

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Aries: Metallic Makeup

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Amp up your warrior spirit by adding shimmer into your New Year’s Eve vibe. This look will remind you of the trophies that you won for being the best at all you do — especially the gold eyeshadow. You can also wear a metallic lipstick to receive a kiss at midnight.

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Taurus: Ultra Glam

Jennifer Lopez’s Writing Session Attire Included a Silky Matching Set and the Laciest Bra

You live for beauty — which is why you should lean into your inner Beyonce or J. Lo and go full glam. Put on fluffy lashes, try over-lined nude lips, eyeliner, and a spritz on a statement-making perfume that expresses your desires. Then be sure to post your look on IG.

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Gemini: Show-Stopping Eyeshadow

Brianne Tju wears white eyeshadow, flushed cheeks, and a wavy bob hairstyle

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Don’t deny your desire to be seen on New Year's Eve! Wearing a bold shadow on your eyes will get you the vibe you’re totally longing for — and will ensure you are not dancing alone. You'll be the talk of the party.

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Cancer: Dewy Skin

Hailey Bieber’s Perfectly Dewy Skin Almost Outshined Her Backless Sequin Gown

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time for you to glow up. A dewy look will get you in the right mood. You’ll be reminded of how the tender moon, who is your planetary ruler, illuminates its natural light on Earth and gives every living thing (including yourself) vitality.

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Leo: Colorful Eyebrows

Slick Woods wears dyed lavender buzzcut and eyebrows and hexagon-shaped sunglasses

Nothing says “notice me” more than a pair colorful eyebrows. In true Leo fashion, your eyebrows will get you the recognition that you deserve at every party. Plus, you'll steal the show and be the center of attention — even on social media.

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Virgo: Bright Red Lip

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Your planetary ruler is Mercury, which means that the focus of your makeup should be your mouth (ya know, so people can hear your intellectual and thoughtful sentiments throughout the night). As long as you pick a bright strawberry or cherry red to embrace the holidays — you’ll be getting that amazing kiss at midnight.

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Libra: Monochrome Makeup

How to Do Monochrome Makeup
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In order to find balance this New Year’s, opt for a monochromatic look. You’ll be able to rock this vibe as long as you serve this style with some attitude to activate and even out both sides of your scales.

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Scorpio: Matte Lips

Selena Gomez wears neutral matte lipstick and blended eyeshadow


Your dry sense of humor could use a touch of lip service — by that we mean a matte lipstick that radiates beauty and passion in a crowded room. As usual, all eyes will be on you when the ball drops at midnight due to your power pout that is ravishing with a lovely nude finish. 

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Sagittarius: Colorful Eyeliner

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Being that you rarely play by the rules, the same sentiment can be said about your eyeliner. Choosing a vibrant and bright color in a unique shape around your eyes will give you the edgy and trendy look that will show the world you are no one to mess with.

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Capricorn: Statement Blush

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It’s time for you to embrace change and growth — in a cheeky way. Instead of turning to your tried and true peach blush, try a vibrant pink or even purple to liven up your face. The pop of unexpected color will make people intrigued and drawn to your cool style on New Year’s Eve.

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Aquarius: All of the Glitter

Hear me out, the controversial body glitter trend can actually be grown up and sophisticated
Sephora/ Fenty Beauty

You’ll be totally into wearing body glitter all over your body for NYE. It’ll help you embrace the elemental energy that grants you the ability to zoom around town, converse with others in a soulful way, and have lots of fun (without causing drama). 

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Pisces: Smoky Eyes

Woman's Eye with Smoky Shadow and Eyeliner
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The eyes are the window to the soul, which is why people will be able to notice your transcendent and tender heart light up from a smoky eye this New Year’s Eve. It’ll help get you in line with your goals for 2023, due to its ability to let your spirit be seen.

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