I’ve Tried Countless New Items This Season, but These 7 Majorly Leveled-Up My Life

I can’t live without them anymore.

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Andie Swimsuit, M.Gemi Clogs, True Botanicals

Courtesy of Andie Swim, M.Gemi, True Botanicals

I will gladly argue with anyone who disagrees with what I’m about to say: A product can really change your life. And I’m not just saying that because I shop for a living; I’m saying this because, in my time, I’ve had some pretty eye-opening, life-changing moments from the products that have come into my life. 

A shoe that’s so good, I gasped when I tried it on? Sounds simple and, sure, exciting, but there’s more to it than just that. I’ve always struggled to find good shoes that don’t make my wide feet hurt after hours-long wear — so much that I almost gave up on certain silhouettes altogether. But alas, along came a footwear find that made me realize I can wear slides (more on that later). Or how about a sleeping mask that has improved the quality of my zzz’s tenfold? Sleep is essential, and we all know that functioning on very little can have detrimental effects on your day-to-day; with a better night’s sleep comes a better day.

I have the chance to test many things via my job as a fashion editor (and for that, I’m very lucky), but it’s also made me highly picky — a pro in finding the best of the best, especially in the vast and extensive world of fashion and beauty. When I tell you about a product (or text you about it, if you’re my family or friends) you know it’s a good one.

Below, see the seven new products that have majorly upgraded my life, from a serum that’s like a facelift in a bottle to a one-piece swimsuit I’ll be living in all summer long. 

Andie Swim Amalfi One-Piece 

The Amalfi One Piece


My swimsuit game has officially leveled up thanks to this ultra-flattering one-piece from Andie. I’ve seen this one a lot: Demi Moore looked stunning wearing it in campaign images and it’s so popular, it’s almost always sold out — so obviously, I had to know what it was all about. After trying it, I totally get why it’s garnered so much buzz.The fit is out of this world (think: like a shaping bodysuit, but suitable for oceans and pools), and it’s so timeless. Plus, it has removable, padded inserts for ample support, nice butt-coverage, and a medium leg cut that doesn’t ride up. I’ll be wearing this beachside, but also for summertime brunches because it can easily double as a bodysuit. 

Shop now: $98; andieswim.com

True Botanicals SuperSea Serum 

SuperSEA Firming & Lifting Treatment

True Botanicals

Brooke Shields said it best when it comes to this new True Botanicals serum: It’s “one of the best anti-aging products on the market.” The SuperSea Serum, which launched just last week, has been a total game changer in my beauty routine. It’s made with moisturizing camelina oil that’s packed with fatty acids and tocopherols and algae oil that’s high in Omega-3 fatty acids that give skin a much-needed boost of hydration, suppleness, and firmness. TL;DR, regular use really firms, tones, and lifts skin — it’s like a facelift in a bottle, and I’m always going to have this one on hand.

Shop now: $150 with code SUPERSEA20 (Originally $188); truebotanicals.com

Message Slides



Comfy shoes? Now that’s my love language. Even more so, comfy shoes that are easy on the earth (and feet, of course). These slides from Message — a brand you need to add to your footwear rooster — are made from unused and upcycled wine cork, the equivalent of nine wine corks per pair, plus a stretch-knit upper that feels like a hug when on your feet. Unlike most slides that you might worry will slip off your feet, these ones stay put, step after step — after step.

Shop now: $160; wearmessage.com

Drowsy Sleeping Mask



I never thought I would be a sleep mask-wearer, but alas, things can change in a flash. When I first heard about this one from Drowsy, I was all ears — a luxurious, ultra-padded option that actually looks comfortable? I had to try it. Most others I’ve used (and disliked immensely) came with an elastic head strap that bothered me on hour-two of sleep, but not this one. It has a fully adjustable strap that effortlessly wraps around the head, plus cloud-like padding that really feels like a hug on your face. Of course, I can’t forget to mention it's made from 100 percent mulberry silk, which means it's good for your skin, too. If sleep has ever been an issue, on a plane or elsewhere, I highly recommend this mask. 

Shop now: $79; us.drowsysleepco.com

Blueland Hand Soap 

Wildflower Meadows Hand Soap Refill Packs


I’m not sure if I’m getting “old” or just appreciating the smaller things in life — like hand soap — but I didn’t realize how much a luxurious wash can change your bathroom setup for the better. I love Blueland’s plastic-free option, so much that I have a Hand Soap Forever bottle in my kitchen and bathroom; all you have to do is fill the reusable container with water, pop in the hand soap (which comes in the form of a little, dissolvable tablet), and watch the magic — err, soap — happen. I’m obsessed with the brand’s latest Wildflower scents, inspired by the importance of wildflowers and the crucial role they play in maintaining biodiversity. 

Shop now: $20; blueland.com

M.Gemi Clogs 

 The Greta Sandal

M. Gemi

I’m head over heels for shoes, but I must say, few pairs have ever made me gasp in the way I did when I finally slipped into these M.Gemi clogs. I say “finally” because I’ve written about them a lot, as they’re one of the Italian shoe brand’s most-loved styles (and are always waitlisted!), so obviously, I’ve been curious about them for a long time. Let me tell you: They live up to the hype. They’re comfy right out of the box, well-made (Italians really do make things better), and stylish. Unlike other clogs, these don’t clunk, plus the fashion-forward design gets me endless compliments. “Where are those from,” is a regular question I get asked by strangers while wearing them.

Shop now: $278; mgemi.com

Cold Picnic Bath Mat 


Cold Picnic

I was in major need of a bathroom upgrade; I was getting sick of my setup and needed to add some new life into the space (as I always do come spring). The essential not only provides a practical purpose (soaks up water post-shower), but also can instantly change a space for the better. I’ve been a long-time admirer of Cold Picnic’s decor, especially its rugs and bathmats, so when I had the chance to try one, I absolutely took it. The second I set it down, my space was revived. I never knew the difference between a basic bath mat and an exceptional one — until now; Cold Picnic’s is plush and so soft against the feet, made from 100 percent organic cotton. 

Shop now: $70; coldpicnic.com

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