Shoppers With Mature Skin Say This $16 Moisturizing Foundation Rivals $75 Buys for “Beautiful” Coverage

The subtle glow glosses over fine lines.

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Shoppers With Mature Skin Say This $16 Drugstore Foundation Rivals $75 Buys for “Beautiful” Coverage

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Despite a handful of companies owning the majority of cosmetic brands, prestige-level formulas still take a while to trickle down to the drugstore. It’s frustrating, no doubt — so while light-as-air foundation tints are readily available for $30 and up, it’s still rare to find truly moisturizing, lightweight, and blurring formulas under $20. But according to fans, Neutrogena’s Serum Foundation checks every box. 

I first came across the foundation on TikTok (as someone who just got COVID-19 for the first time, I live there now), where it’s earned raves from creators who love it for their over-30-year-old skin. As user @bauerbeauty said, Neutrogena’s tinted serum outperforms dozens of other options for when she wants to look like she’s not wearing makeup, yet has flawless, dewy skin — and flocks of Amazon reviewers with mature skin agreed. 

As a 50-year-old with dry skin said, the uber-thin formula minimizes texture and creates a “subtle glow,” which “beautifully” glosses over their fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Another 44-year-old dubbed it a “mature skin-saver” for evening out their tone, and one more person said it “absolutely rivals” $75 serum foundations.  

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Sensitive Skin Serum Foundation with Pro-Vitamin B5


Shop now: $14–$16; and

A user in their 40s compared the serum foundation to a BB cream that cancels out redness, with the added benefit of a fragrance-free ingredient list loaded with moisturizing panthenol and emollients (as well as a fair amount of silicones, FYI — if that’s something you avoid). There are 15 shades, and per customers, the coverage is buildable and resists transferring, even against masks they wear 10 hours a day and oily skin.     

Neutrogena has a reputation for catering to sensitive skin, and that holds true for its newcomer formula. A penultimate shopper said their breakouts have decreased since they started using it, and a last person commented that it makes their face feel “very soothed” and “glass-like.” 

Try Neutrogena’s Serum Foundation from $14 at Amazon and Target. 

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