'You' Has Officially Been Renewed for a Fifth and Final Season

Goodbye, you.

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Only two weeks have passed since part two of You’s fourth season hit Netflix on Mar. 9, but we’re already dying to know what lies ahead for our favorite serial killer, Joe Goldberg. The good news? It looks like we won’t have to wait too long to find out. The bad? The next season of You is set to be the last.

On Friday, the streaming giant confirmed that the Penn Badgley-fronted series has officially been renewed for a fifth season while simultaneously announcing that it will serve as You’s grand finale. “Will Joe Goldberg finally get his judgment day? Fans of the beloved thriller will soon know more about Joe's fate when YOU returns for a fifth and final season,” Netflix shared via press release.

While the news may come as a bit of a shock to fans, Badgley said he knew Goldberg’s end was near when talking to People shortly after part two’s premiere.

“I know what [showrunner] Greg [Berlanti] pitched me a few years back as what he thought was the right way to end," Badgley said. "If there's another one [after season 4], it's going to be, I think, a grand finale.”

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Although further details surrounding the final season have yet to be revealed, Badgley told the publication that he believes it will build towards “a greater resolution” than what fans were left with at the end of season 4.

“That's what I want for Joe ... because now, the circumstances are actually different. He has a level of power and wealth that he's never had,” the actor shared. “With Love [Victoria Pedretti], he technically had wealth and he was adjacent to some power, but he hated it and he didn't take it for his own. Whereas now, he seems to be embracing it and taking it for his own. And to be honest, that's sort of a terrifying prospect.”

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