Netflix Dropped a Super-Steamy Trailer for 'Lady Chatterley's Lover'

The movie hits the streamer on Dec. 2.

Lady Chatterley's Lover Emma Corrin Jack O'Connell


When D. H. Lawrence published Lady Chatterley's Lover back in 1928, there was such a commotion about how sexy it was that the book's publisher, Penguin, was subject to an obscenity trial. All that commotion managed to get the book banned in the United States, Canada, Australia, India, and Japan — all while managing to have it sell three million copies worldwide. And now, the story is hitting the big screen thanks to Netflix, which just shared a look at the film, starring Emma Corrin and Jack O’Connell. It's just the latest adaptation, but knowing how Netflix likes to approach the idea of sex (and depict it) viewers may be in for a major dose of bosom-heaving, bodice-ripping romance.

The trailer shows Corrin and O'Connell in several sexy situations (next to a tree, also in an abandoned shed, and then for good measure, a grassy meadow). So far, it seems like this version is sticking to the source material, with Corrin playing a lonely society woman who is unhappy in her loveless marriage (there's also the fact that her hujsband is paralyzed) and O'Connell as a sexy gamekeeper.

Lady Chatterley's Lover hits premieres in theaters on Nov. 25 and arrives in all its sexy glory on Netflix Dec. 2. It also stars Matthew Duckett and Joely Richardson.

Netflix offered a short description of the film, which lays out just how hot — and heavy — things will be: "Based on the classic D.H. Lawrence novel, a story well ahead of its time, we follow the life of Lady Chatterley, a woman born to a life of wealth and privilege, who soon finds herself married to a man that she eventually falls out of love with. Lady Chatterley engages in a torrid affair with a gamekeeper on their English estate, discovering more desire and intimacy than she thought possible. When she realizes that she has fallen heart and soul, she breaks all traditions of the day and seeks happiness with the man she loves."

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