Natasha Marsh

Natasha Marsh

Natasha is an e-commerce writer for InStyle and Shape covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and fitness.


  • Natasha has been in the beauty and fashion industry for over 10 years, starting off first as a buyer and stylist, then moving on to journalism
  • She has over seven years of experience in fashion and beauty and a personal interest in fitness and total wellbeing
  • Natasha has a Masters of Art in Fashion Business Management


Natasha has written for InStyle, Byrdie, Shape and more. She focuses greatly on fashion and beauty, while other expertises include activism, wellness, fitness, and travel. Her previous roles held makes her a well-rounded voice in the industry. She is constantly testing new products and treatments, speaking to top experts and specialists, and being a voice for minorities and BIPOC brands.

Favorite Purchase

I have been using Image Skincare throughout the pandemic and love how gentle it is on my skin while still providing hydrating results and luminous skin.


Natasha has a Masters of Art in Fashion Business Management which she obtained in London, England. Her undergrad is in Vocal Performance.

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