How to Use Nail Polish to Manifest Your Wildest Dreams

Use Nail Polish to Manifest Your Desires for Spring
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Did you know that you can manifest your seasonal intentions through creating your own personal nail polish? Color magic practitioner Sarah Potter and ORLY Color Labs have been working together for years to help you bring your innermost visions to life through color and nail polish. Naturally, I had to check it out.

This season, I’m looking to bring more confidence and love into my life. So, when I spoke to Potter about what’s going on in my personal world, she suggested that I incorporate gold and pink into my color palette for the season. Gold represents self-esteem and abundance, while pink is the color of love — particularly self-love. 

After discussing the type of gold I like, Potter advised the color technician to mix a darker gold — after all, I don’t wear bright hues this time of the year. First, we added a fuchsia in order to see the color (since the gold wasn’t a popping, vibrant shade) and we decided to incorporate more of it into the nail polish in order to get the true essence of my intention. It only took three drops of fuchsia with a whole lotta gold to create my ultimate color. The finished product was a pinkish color with gold flecks.

A week later, I received the nail polish in the mail. I immediately went to get a mani-pedi to infuse my life with that energy. My manicurist fell in love with the color, so I explained to her that it was my personal color that I had made to manifest my dreams. Not only is it a baller move to have your own nail polish named after you, but wearing it can change your life for the better. 

Did it work? Yes. However, you have to be mindful of meditating on your hopes while painting your nails or getting a mani-pedi — that helps in bringing everything together. Every time I look at my nails and toes, I’m reminded of my innate power and want to embrace all parts of myself with loving arms — the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

My mother also partook in this adventure with Potter and ORLY. Even though I’m a magical being, my mother doesn’t subscribe to some of the same beliefs I do. Her Pisces sun wants to adhere to a mystical way of thinking — but seeing is believing. What can I say, she has a Capricorn ascendent so the proof is in the pudding for her. 

After a lengthy conversation with Potter, they decided on red since my mom has been wanting to put herself out there more and would like more pep in her step to beat the winter blues. They close a blue-red color that balances out the intensity of red by bringing in peaceful vibes. My mom also wanted to ensure she was spiritually protected, so the color technician blended a violet purple with the red under Potter’s guidance. The resulting color was a berry red, which will give her energy and strength to get through winter — as well as the ability to be bold and courageous in her life. 

Did it work? Yes! My mom didn’t meditate when getting her pedicure, but looks at her beautifully painted toes everyday. She has been more social minded and happier in the weeks following the nail polish application — there has been a noticeable difference. 

I would recommend this service to anyone looking to upgrade their life. IMHO, it’s a wonderful activity to do with family and friends. You can manifest your dreams and create happiness through this lovely experience by Sarah Potter and ORLY.

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