These Delicate Nail Stickers Are Made For Grown-Ups

Who said you need a steady hand to create an intricate manicure?

These Delicate Nail Stickers Are Made For Grown-Ups

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Painting your nails with a new shade of nail polish is one of the easiest ways to change up your look. Instead of trying bangs or a different hair color, nail art offers a more temporary change while being more lasting than a new graphic eyeliner look. In short, it's the sweet spot of beauty mix-ups.

That's not to say doing your own nails is easy. While some are born blessed with a steady hand, many struggle with wobbly hands that make the idea of recreating intricate nail art a laughable thought. Thankfully, you don't need to have the laser focus of a neurosurgeon to be able to create beautiful nail art at home.

Enter: nail stickers.

Those who have tried them know the saving grace that these tiny decals can be, and those who haven't are about to have their minds blown. So, to break down what nail stickers are and how best to use them, we tapped two nail professionals. Plus, we listed some of our favorite ones below so you can get shopping and creating.

What are nail stickers?

Also known as nail decals, these are tiny adhesives formulated to sit on the nails. They come in a variety of colors, designs, and finishes — there's truly an option for everybody.

How to apply nail stickers:

  1. Apply a base coat. Whether you want a clear foundation or prefer to pack on the color, paint your favorite lacquer on clean, dry nails.
  2. Let it dry. "To ensure great placement we like to wipe the nail with a dry cloth to ensure there is no dust or fuzz that could be stuck under the sticker," says Olivia Van Iderstine, Olive & June's Mani Trend Expert and VP of Content & Creative.
  3. Pick and place the sticker. Simply peel them off the plastic sheet they come packaged in and press them onto your desired nail.
  4. Apply a topcoat. This will seal in the sticker to ensure it doesn't quickly peel off. "If you use nail stickers on a regular nail polish, apply two layers of top coat and apply a top coat three days after the initial application of the decal to prolong the sticker," suggests Jin Soon Choi, a runway nail artist and founder of her eponymous nail care brand and salons.

Shop our favorite nail stickers

JINsoon Star Signs Nail Art Appliqué

jinsoon nail art stickers zodiac


To shop: $12,

Whether you're a crab or a ram, an archer or a lion, you'll find a decal of your zodiac sign here.

Olive & June Shimmery Stars Nail Art Stickers

olive and june nail art stickers stars


To shop: $7.50,

Remind everyone that you're the star of the show with these tiny metallic stars that scream "main character energy" in the prettiest way possible.

Gucci Nail Art Stickers

gucci nail art stickers


To shop: $20,

This one's for all the material gworls out there who truly love to wear head-to-toe designer.

Lights Lacquer 3D Pearl Stickers

nail stickers lights lacquer pearl decals

Courtesy of Lights Lacquer

To shop: $7,

Pearl-core is all the rage — and what better time to dress up your tips than the present?

Ciaté London Block Party Nail Art Kit

nail stickers ciate london nail decals


To shop: $18,

Playful manis will always find their place in our nail art rotation, and these stickers make achieving the half-moon look so much easier.

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