Listening to This Soothing Playlist Will Help You Be More Productive

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Photo: courtesy of Apple

Let's face it—we all have days when we're not exactly whipping through our to-do lists at the office. For InStyle's October issue, we turned to some of the chicest female entrepreneurs in the biz to hear their advice for staying motivated and mastering the art of productivity.

One of our go-to girl bosses, Bozoma Saint John, head of global marketing for Apple Music and iTunes, told us that creating an inspiring office environment is key for finding joy—and getting things done—at work. "If I'm not having fun at the office, then the consumers we're trying to reach aren't having fun either," says Saint John. Generating buzz around Apple Music is Saint John's endgame (Beyoncé's 2013 Superbowl halftime performance? Yup, that was her), but on a daily basis she aims to create a positive, inspiring work space for her team of music-industry insiders.

So where exactly does that start? At her very own desk. "Surround your desk with items that make you feel at home," she suggests. "It'll help you feel alive." In addition to photos, soothing candles, and favorite books, Saint John relies on soothing tunes to help her buckle down. "For finding peace and getting motivated, I listed to my J.S. Bach Essentials playlist, she says. Click on the playlist below for the classical mix that help Saint John find serenity while she works.

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