These Are the Perfect, Moody Winter Nail Polish Colors For Each Zodiac Sign

Moody Winter Nail Art by Sign

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As winter sets in, many of us choose to wear moody colors. Whether it's our wardrobes or darker versions of our favorite nail polish colors, these hues speak to our current emotional state of being during this season.

Winter colors have a deep and intense vibe to them — they represent the edgier sentiments many of us feel during this time. As so, they're the perfect nail polish shades to wear alongside a chunky, cozy cardigan and anything velvet you own.

So, if you're looking to add depth to your lacquer game, scroll down and find the best winter nail polish color for your zodiac sign.

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Moody Winter Nail Art by Sign

Butter London

To shop: $18;

A dark red hue will give you the right amount of gusto to get projects off the ground and moving. After all, it is your signature color as it exudes vitality. This nail polish is guaranteed to get your blood pumping during the colder months of the year, too.

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Moody Winter Nail Art by Sign


To shop: $30;

A metallic golden khaki green nail polish will help you manifest riches and all your earthly desires. Plus, you’ll be inspired to start manifesting your visions when you have this beautiful polish on your nails as it will open your heart up to your innermost dreams and help bring them to life.

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Moody Winter Nail Art by Sign

Jin Soon

To shop: $18;

Believe it or not, blue is a healing color. Since you’re a spring baby, the colder months can make you feel stifled and unable to spread your wings. Luckily, this hue will be the one defiant winter blue color you use to bring in good energy in the season ahead.

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Moody Nails by Sign

Ella + Mila

To shop: $10.50;

A muted smoky rose color speaks to your tender heart as it’ll remind you to take risks when it comes to love and life in the upcoming months. Using this shade will motivate you to wear your emotions on your pincers in the winter months.

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Moody Winter Nail Art by Sign


To shop: $16;

Since the days are shorter and the nights are longer in the winter, a burnt orange hue will help you honor your planetary ruler — the Sun — during the chilly months. This color will bring lots of energy, passion, drive, determination, and optimism to your zodiac sign right now.

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Moody Winter Nail Art by Sign


To shop: $10;

A deep chocolate nail polish is the best way to embrace your earthly nature. Now, you can connect to the universe and harness the energy of the changes the current season brings to you. You’ll be amazed at how much this color inspires you to lean into your innate nature.

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Moody Winter Nail Art by Sign


To shop: $11;

Blue is your zodiac sign’s signature color, so wear a moody tone for the current season. Being that you always long for harmony and understanding, it’s no wonder that you’ll opt to wear a deep blue nail polish to gain understanding and peace to your vibe.

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Moody Winter Nail Art by Sign


To shop: $14;

As one of the most transformative signs of the zodiac, try to mix up your vibe and use a shade dark gray instead of the classic black nail polish you usually adorn on your claws.

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Moody Nails by Sign

Violet Grey

To shop: $21;

A mulberry hue is the perfect mixture of primary colors to bring confidence and luck in the days ahead. Use this bold nail polish when you want to level up your awesomeness. 

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Moody Winter Nail Art by Sign


To shop: $13;

This nail polish has a lot of depth to it, just like you. And while you rarely let it show, your nails will do the talking for you. This metallic hue is perfect to wear for both the boardroom and happy hour, which is why you’ll relish in using it on your nails. 

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Moody nails by sign


To shop: $16;

A dark teal nail polish harmonizes all aspects of your personality, which is why this blue-green shade will allow you to be seen. It’ll help you embrace the watery and airy parts of yourself that you rarely express yet make you both intuitive and communicative.

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Moody Winter Nail Art by Sign

Nails Inc.

To shop: $10;

An edgy shade of lavender will make your fins flip with joy and glee — it’ll prove to be a transcendent color that speaks to the essence of your being. Not only that, but it radiates good vibes to your personal affairs and everything amazing that you do in the world.

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