Micro French Manicures Are the Effortlessly Chic Nail Look Of the Moment

Micro French Nails Trend

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When it comes to nails, just like everything else in beauty, a new week marks a new trend. In 2022, we saw “glazed donut” nails, á la Hailey Bieber, heavily adorned 3D nails with jewels and charms and a number of takes on the eternal French manicure. However, according to the 2023 Pinterest Predicts trends report, short, natural nails are taking the spotlight this year. 

“Maximalist beauty had its moment. Now, people are ready for a reset — and nothing says ‘fresh start’ like a fresh crop,” reads the report. “After years of coffin nails and almond-shaped extensions, people are realizing that nails don’t have to be long to make a serious statement.”

Searches for ‘micro French nails’ are up by 235% YoY, which is no surprise based on the social media obsession with the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic

“Short nails are more easily maintained than longer nails and provide a cost effective, DIY alternative to extensions,” explains celebrity nail artist Jolene Brodeur of the trend.

vanilla girl aesthetic nails

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How to paint a micro French manicure:

To rock short, natural nails at home, healthy nails are vital. First, Brodeur says to use a high-quality grit nail file should be used to prevent nail shredding and buff away an uneven nail bed. Then, rinse the nails to get a clean base. Once you get to painting, she says to begin with a base coat before applying the preferred shade to your tips, then to wrap it up with a topcoat. 

To keep your tips neat, Brodeur suggests keeping a clean-up brush in hand (such as a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover) to easily clean up any unwanted polish. Additionally, Nadine Abramcyk, Co-Founder and Head of Brand at Tenoverten, says to dip a Bobby pin into the lacquer and gently crafting an arc at the tip with it. 

Since the real estate on the nail is too small to accommodate any extra decor, Brodeur says to avoid adding nail charms or any types of embellishment to your micro French tips.

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