Merit Beauty’s New Lip Gelées Are the Perfect Lightweight Summer Product

Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker have used the brand.

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This lip jelly from a cameron diaz-used brand is so hydrating i only have to apply it twice a day


I have spent the winter layering my lips the way I layer my outfits. I begin with a plumping lip mask, followed by a lip liner, then a lipstick, followed by a gloss. It just felt appropriate for the heavy mood of the winter. But spring is here, and some days, the weather is warm enough to wear short-sleeves, which is also when I want a lip product that is as easy and carefree as the seasonal shift makes me feel. Enter: Merit’s perfectly-timed launch, the Shade Slick Gelée Sheer Tinted Lip Oil

Merit is a pretty new, indie darling of a brand that began as a favorite among in-the-know editors and since spread to have a strong shopper fan base and a list of celebrity users that includes Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Bella Hadid. Shade Slick was part of the brand’s initial launch and these Gelée versions are a new, summer-ready iteration. 

Merit Shade Slick TINTED LIP OIL


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Whereas the original version is like an oil slick, the Gelées are like jam. The four almost-sheer, lightly pigmented shades go on thin yet creamy and create a glossy barrier on your lips, like the firm-yet-wiggly top of jello. The effect makes my lips look full and healthy, thanks to ingredients like squalane and quinoa seed oil. So much so, in fact, that I only had to apply it twice some days. 

The colors include an almost-ripe peach, bright pink, maraschino cherry-red, and raspberry/plum purplish brown. The Gelée colors look slightly different on every skin and lip tone, thanks to blooming pigments that interact with your natural pH. Put simply, trust that the formula looks good on everyone — though there is a trusty carousel of images on the bottom of the site featuring each shade on different skin tones so you can see for yourself. 

These are also so easy to apply that I don’t have to use a mirror, and it’s perfect for when I need light yet long-lasting, glossy yet not bleeding lip treatment this summer. 

All four shades are currently in stock, but given the brand’s history of having shades sell out for months at a time, I’ll bet they won’t last long. Head to Merit to shop the new Shade Slick Gelée Sheer Tinted Lip Oils

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