Meghan Markle Dissected the “Angry Black Woman” Stereotype With Issa Rae and Ziwe

The candid conversation occurred during the latest episode of Meghan's 'Archetypes' podcast.

Meghan Markle

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From speaking out about being objectified while working on Deal or No Deal to opening up about her worst point, it’s clear Meghan Markle isn’t afraid to tackle tough topics on her Spotify podcast, Archetypes — and this week’s installment is no exception. While chatting with actress Issa Rae and comedian Ziwe, the Duchess of Sussex dissected the meaning behind the “angry black woman” trope and broke down the difference between being “difficult” and being “clear.”

On Tuesday’s episode, Markle discussed the stereotype with each woman while opening up about her first-hand experience of feeling cautious about how she’s perceived in certain situations. “I'm particular," Markle said while talking to Rae. "A. I think a high tide raises all ships — we're all going to succeed, so let's make sure it's really great because it's a shared success for everybody.”

She continued, “But I also know that I will find myself cowering and tiptoeing into a room — I don't know if you ever do that, the thing that I find the most embarrassing — when you're saying a sentence and the intonation goes up like it's a question. And you're like, 'Oh my God, stop!'” she explained. “Stop whispering and tiptoeing around and say what it is you need. You're allowed to set a boundary, you're allowed to be clear. It does not make you demanding, it does not make you difficult. It makes you clear.”

While Meghan later commended Issa on her creation of “nuanced, layered, multifaceted women” in her shows, the duchess also recounted how stereotypes of black women were still incredibly prevalent in media during her acting days. “I mean, I remember when I was auditioning, the idea of even Black roles, I remember those casting sheets where the description of the character, she always had to have an edge or an attitude," Meghan said.

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