Megan Fox Looks Like She Sells Super-Sexy Seashell Bikinis by the Seashore on Her 'Sports Illustrated' Cover

Of course, there's plenty of other swimsuit inspo in her spread.

Just in time for summer swimsuit weather, Megan Fox and a bevy of other amazing women are making a splash with Sports Illustrated's latest covers. This year's covers (lest you forget, this venerated cover spot has made stars out of names like Tyra Banks, Brooklyn Decker, and Adriana Lima) are the most inclusive yet, bringing together names like Fox alongside Martha StewartPadma Lakshmi, and Kim Petras. 

Megan Fox Sports Illustrated Cover


Fox's photos were lensed by iconic photographer Greg Swales and her attire runs the gamut from seashell-embellished fishnet swimwear to a tiny underboob-baring baby tee. Of course, it's not an SI cover without a wanderlust-inducing locale. Fox posed on the shores of the Dominican Republic for this year's spread in picks from JÉBLANC, Frankies Bikinis, and Miaou. She was also styled in jewels from Jacquie Aiche, LETRA, and Ryan Storer, and her raven hair — perfected by her hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos — was worn in butt-length beach waves.

In a statement, MJ Day, SI Swimsuit's editor in chief, said that the selection of models was meant to provoke conversation (and give everyone a packing list for their summer getaways). Day called Fox a "superwoman with superpowers," breaking outdated ideas of what it means to be a Hollywood bombshell.

Megan Fox

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

“Martha Stewart is a legend. The definition of a great female entrepreneur who built a dynasty against insurmountable odds. Megan Fox is a superwoman with superpowers. She’s intelligent, boundary-breaking and strong, fighting against the constant objectification she’s endured from the industry. Kim Petras is an inspiration to us all. As a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, a beacon of inspiration for the trans and LGBTQ+ community, she empowers and encourages her followers simply through her talent and perseverance. And Brooks Nader, who started her modeling career through our Swim Search program, has been such an amazing part of our brand and has proven to the world through her hard work and dedication that she is a force to be reckoned with. These women, alongside our other models, refuse to allow themselves to be limited by existing societal norms and are incredible examples on how to harness talent, passion, persistence, perseverance, fortitude, curiosity and unabashed desire to evolve.”

The 2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue arrives on newsstands May 18. 

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