Megan Fox Debuted Fiery Red Hair at the 'Vanity Fair' Oscars After-Party

The Little Mermaid effect is already starting.

During last night's Oscar telecast, Disney dropped the very first full-length trailer for the new live-action Little Mermaid. And even before the end of the night, the influence of the film was clear: Megan Fox arrived at Vanity Fair's famed Oscar after-party with a new hair color that was an homage to Ariel and her signature red hair. And it wasn't just a new color for Fox — her stylist for the night explained that in addition to the new hair color, the actress got a sleek new bob to go with it.

Megan Fox Vanity Fair Party

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“For Megan's color, we looked through different variations of red. Her eyes are so blue so I knew adding more copper would be the move," explains Jacob Schwartz, stylist at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills. He notes that he used Redken Color Gels Oils  for the color. "I wanted her change to be a full-on moment, but also wanted to approach it with a natural touch so I kept it a deeper copper tone."

“My inspo was The Little Mermaid,” says Dimitris Giannetos, the celebrity hairstylist behind Fox's new look. He used Unite products for styling, including the brand's mousse and texturizing spray. “Megan is revealing her new hair tonight, which is coppery red and a shorter length. She’s wearing a beautiful black gown, so we wanted the hair to look very effortless and modern.”

The gown in question also had mermaid details, like a deep-V neckline with scalloped detailing and a peplum that looked like a seashell. Her makeup included a full face of Christian Louboutin Beauty.

Megan Fox Vanity Fair Party

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Fox spoke about her changing looks recently, saying that her prerogative to switch things up comes from being told how to look when she was just starting out in Hollywood.

"I had a real problem with authority when I was young," she said in a 2021 interview with Who What Wear. "And I resent people trying to tell me how to look, or act, or speak, or any of those things."

She reacted to those imposed rules and regulations by expressing herself through fashion, which includes everything from neon everything to naked dresses.

"People were always trying to hide me and make me less sexy so that I could be taken more seriously," she added. "And I was like, "I don't give a fuck about that. I just want the look to be right."

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